Integrative Health Methods
Integrative Health Methods

A safe, effective and pro-health approach to chronic illness

Integrative Health
Integrative Health

Are you seeking alternatives to a drug-based approach?

Meet Dr Charles

Integrative Health

Dr Charles Wildervanck is a medical doctor with many years of experience in the hospital services (including management), private medicine and as practitioner of Integrative Medicine.

In 1998 a profound experience in his family life led him to search for solutions outside the scope of regular medicine, becoming more and more aware of its limitations.
Further exploring of the principles of holism, as well as of pro-health methods in medicine, quickly lead to Charles’ conviction that a holistic, integral approach is the way forward in medicine.

In 2000 Charles and his wife Jean established Integrative Health in Port Elizabeth, RSA.
There is a strong interface in their work:
In dealing with chronic, life-changing (sometimes life-threatening) diseases Charles became more and more aware of the importance of the mind-body-spirit aspects and the role they play in the “soul journey”.
Jean is a facilitator with a Master’s degree in Mental Health, based on systems (integral) thinking.
Charles and Jean often team up to facilitate wellness at physical, emotional and mental level; see also Future Link Now.

Charles is also an artist and musician. He and Jean have three sons.

As from January 2022 Dr Charles has retired from medicine.

Integrative Medicine

Dr Charles Wildervanck Our Health Centre brings together Functional Medicine, various treatments and the mind-body-soul aspects in an integrative way. Doctor and patient form a partnership, aiming to improve and restore health.More about this approach:
  • Chronic conditions most often seen at our practice
  • A step wise consultative approach
  • Therapies and Treatment options

Integrative Principles

The term Integrative Medicine indicates just what it says: no medical methods are excluded on the basis of any preconceived paradigm, i.e. inclusivity at all its levels. This means inter alia, that it does not exclude the conventional Medical Model, but recognises its values (especially re the more acute, emergency problems) as well as its shortcomings (especially re the more chronic conditions).